Violet Song by Song


Violet Song by Song
by Shauna Burns

And so today I felt the light go on.
Painting the music of Violet…
Pressed flowers from the summer, saved for the seasons ahead…

Violet has been patiently waiting in the wings for a while, waiting for her time. A few years ago I started getting Violet ready to record but the music had another idea first… a holiday album first then Violet. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and travel that unexpected journey. But strangely the “Songscapes” (original songs on the holiday album, A Winter Gathering) feel musically connected to the final work on Violet. As if this album was waiting for the entry point. I asked my dearest friend Tiffany Ducret to paint some paintings for the artwork and she took the music of Violet and painted two stunning pieces that match perfectly. This artwork became one of the main visual focal points. The whole album feels very positive and uplifting to me. A loving female embrace. Self-discovery, humility and surrounding yourself with goodness. It feels like as we become more vulnerable the inspiration for our lives comes barreling in. I see Violet as freedom.

1. Pass This House
Hold your breath and hope the new adventure turns out the way you envision… that is what this song feels like for me. Relieved to finally be on the way to something great but praying that nothing crazy happens unexpectedly… “Crazy “, don’t even think about coming near this house today.

2. Run Away
Who doesn’t want to run away and hide beneath the green hills and stone walls? I’m already there…

3. Portobello
Hurry girl, curry girl. Lot’s of curry and a big brass section. When in London, going to the Portobello market is great fun, lot’s of interesting trinkets. I think this song feels like the anticipation of learning something new about yourself. I know that you’ve been there before.

4. Seascape Sonata
Once there was a family on a leisurely boat ride, the sun at high noon. The sea which had been smooth as silk suddenly turned very choppy and threatened to cast them into the sea. The captain of the ship called out to the mermaids and sea goddesses and asked them to calm the sea so his family could get back to shore safely. Luckily the mermaids and sea goddesses had compassion this day.

5. Catapult
Good friends and good people, surround yourself with the people you want to be like. In so many ways these people are my safe harbor. They are constant and good and an anchor for reality.

6. Little Song
Little Song is all about the possibility of the future and giving in to that electricity a new relationship brings. Out with the old in with the new, letting go and jumping off the cliff of adventure.

7. Orchid
Orchid is an axes of Violet for me. There is such a warm embrace with this song. Sometimes just being present and available for your loved ones is enough to bring the spinning to a full stop. Compassion and giving your time and love to those who need a little snug can be a lifeline. I have felt these lifelines. You can see someone you did not even know was there. Both of you.

8. Twist
Sometimes I wish they could speak this candidly. Save us all the trouble.

9. Vienna
Double agent? Spy? Calling all cars, who is real? Or who will be there to greet you?

10. Savor
Savoring all that is special to you. Surrounding yourself with positive uplifting people. The song-story is about a girl who is coming out of her shell and wanting to surround herself with these people ~ she is casting her spell over them, luring them closer.

11. Violet
Violet is positive and growing. A Warrior. As a mother she is a protector and I feel like a beacon for freedom. Violet knows that when goodness grows so does the opposite, but we all know that positive always wins in the end, for everyone.

12. Above Abiquiu
In New Mexico there is a small town called Abiquiu with an old adobe house sitting on a hill with a view of the breathtaking mesa’s and landscape of the southwest. This is where Georgia O’Keeffe lived and worked and drew much of the inspiration for her beautiful paintings. James and I traveled there and stayed just down the hill from her house. Love, love love. Mesa’s come forth and the rock takes form.

13. Mesilla
Mesilla feels “full circle” to me. On the edge of a wide open plain with nothing but possibility ahead. When we learn where we come from we come back to that place. I see the desert as a place that is layered with these thoughts. Even if our edges are cracked that just gives us character and balance. Vulnerability leads to freedom, happiness and peace.

14. See Her Again
When she goes we’ll see here again.


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