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UPDATED April 1, 2013 ~ Ok! The Music section is working! You can now purchase all the albums right from the Music page from the “shopping carts” (they go to paypal). And iTunes and Amazon links are also good-to-go! We’ve been working hard fixing and updating all the little stuffs so peek around and give everything a click. woot! 😉


We are still tweaking the site just a bit more but I wanted to give a little update to get us started. As you can see we are all new! In every way! Starting with the Home page, this is were you will find all the go-to info to quickly catch up with what’s going on. For example when something is posted in the Press section it will show up on the Home page as well as the Press section. This page will also be updated every now and again with new Features, Gallery pics and Videos.

The Music page is your place for music clips and to buy all the albums. Love this! Now it’s a one-stop-shop for all your music needs. Please scroll down the the very bottom for Paypal links to purchase directly from ShaunaBurns.com. **Just for The Moon and the Fire Circle ~ Right now the little “shopping carts” are not working, but they will be soon ~ the iTunes, Amazon and paypal links are working fine though.**

Please take a look around! Check out all the sections and play with the new media player ~ I love the drop down feature and scrolling through the different albums. 🙂

Thank you to Mike for all your hard work on the site!

more soon!

ps ~ I know I owe a Thistle Glen from the holidays! Do’h!

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