The Moon And The Fire Circle


The Moon And The Fire Circle

Best of 2008
~ ‘Around You‘ blasted into the #7 spot of the FMQB AC Chart in April.
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~ ‘Around You‘ #1 on Song Vault Pop Radio

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~ Las Vegas Review Journal Page 1Page 2 Interview with Jason Bracelin 4/8/08 ‘Burns isn’t just singing about the moon, she’s aiming for it.’
~ Salt Lake Tribune Interview with David Burger 5/16/08 ‘The Moon and the Fire Circle, an atmospheric concept album that recalls Tori Amos and Kate Bush, with lyrics about the mystical tension between light and darkness.’
~ Deseret News Page 1Page 2 Interview with Scott Iwasaki 5/9/08 ‘Burns, a world-renowned, Celtic-inspired musician, is a graduate of the University of Utah and looks forward to returning to the Beehive State.’
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the Moon and the Fire circle Reviews
‘The musical universe of Shauna Burns is dominated by stream-of-consciousness lyrics that float effortlessly over piano-driven melodies complemented by a delicate mix of guitars, harps, and cellos and accentuated by warm bass tones and strong percussion. [And] features some of her most inspired songwriting to date… If this enchanting album turns out to be anything less than the musical personification of Shauna Burns’ search for footing within the universe, it is still a moving and intense journey ‘from [the] light to the dark and back’ that many listeners will, no doubt, want to take again… and again.’Jud Conway, KindWeb

‘[T]he opening track, Bloom, is a stand out. It’s orchestral, ambient, ethereal and a great composition. Shauna’s music is sort of transcendent. It is really great to listen to when you want to ‘get away’ but can’t. I find it helpful on those stressful days. It has a wonderful calming effect.’ – Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds

‘The singer and pianist [has] written some stunning songs and her delivery is sharp. Desert Sun is a subtly orchestrated song with a lovely melody. Chamber is a lushly produced, beautiful number with some of Burns’ best singing. Tumbleweed muses about full moons and lost love even as Burns’ turns in some fine piano playing. Around You is an up tempo very radio friendly song that retains an artsy integrity. Shauna Burns continues her artistic journey and it’s one worth following.’ – Anna Maria Stjärnell, Collected Sounds

‘Somewhere between Sarah and Kate rides Shauna Burns. With her ethereal voice, spacious arrangements and lots of piano, you can’t help but become enchanted with ‘The Moon and The Fire Circle’. Throw in some cello and other interesting strings and you have an album that will let you float away. If you love Sarah or Tori or even Kate, you should really check out this beautiful CD.’ – The Promise Live

‘Shauna Burns is one of those artists that not many people know about even though they’re so talented that it’s ridiculous. Tori Amos is the most obvious comparison, but Shauna sets herself apart with almost flawlessly composed instrumentals that give her music an intensity that you don’t find with most singer-songwriter types.’ – Audioclash: Live Music

‘One Word. It starts with an ‘A’. Awesome. This CD is absolutely awesome. Eerie at times, ecstatic at others. The lyrics tell a story that twists and turns through the brightest of melodic lights to the darkest lyrical corners, and then, just like that, it compels you back into the light. The musical highlights are cryptic and almost chilling piano pieces. Sometimes when I listen to a project that is so personal and creative for the artist, I feel like an intruder. I turn the volume down and cautiously look at the liner notes. That was not the case with this CD. I felt invited – no – I would say it was more like I was drawn to the music and words. I want that, I want the creativity and inner voices that can twist and turn my own reality and give me freedom to think, create and change. That is what I love about music; that is what I want in music. And that is what the Moon and the Fire circle is about.’ – Chel, Spinnaker and Lena

‘Shauna Burns is a phenomenal talent, and the music on this album will take any listener on a journey that will connect one’s inner soul to the universe. You can literally feel like you are flying between the planets, through a maze of stars, up around the moon and then out to bask in the sun. In this hectic and stressful day and age, this album is what we all need to hear to not only transport us out of the usual hum drum, but remind us of our roots. As her piano playing swirls and crests, her pure voice soothes and almost blesses with innocence as you travel from the embryonic stage to the peak of growth.’ – Southwest Blend

‘The first thing that strikes you is Shauna Burns’ abilities to play the piano. Her chords struck, strike another found within. Music is a force that can speak to emotions and souls, moving past the first contact of the brain. Shauna Burns has spent untold time at the keyboards to make the instrument a conduit of her rather than her a master of the instrument. This is where you separate the prodigies from the technically brilliant. On her album, the Moon and the Fire Circle, she creates 14 songs that are extensions of her.’ – Matt Rowe, Music Tap

‘Her brilliant piano playing on tunes like ‘Tumbleweed’ and the softness of ‘Magic’ prove that she destined for stardom. Her soft voice floats with the music like clouds in a perfect blue sky. I highly recommend this album for all music lovers.’ – Celebrity Cafe

‘Listeners will immediately identify growth in Shauna’s material in the instrumental arrangements. The recording quality is so accurate in these songs that careful listeners will hear the pedals of the piano. Additional strings, electric guitar, bass and percussion round out the tunes. Listeners will note layered vocal harmonies on the new record and Shauna’s singing is more expressive, lilting gently, continuing to draw allusions to Celtic artists. This stunning collection is a thoughtful deviation from her prior work that demonstrates artistic growth and attention to details that will bring her new fans worldwide.’ – Musical Discoveries

‘A cross between Tori Amos and Evanescence with vividly descriptive lyrics and haunting melodies. Great piano accompaniment and appropriately subdued vocals.’ – PopCulture Guy

‘Ethereal. Not a common word in my vocabulary, but that’s where the music takes me. Delicate, floating on another world. Subsequent hearings start to bring out the language and allow me to hear the story with more clarity as I float higher and higher.’ – Eartaste

the Moon and the Fire circle Press Release
There is a full press release at Red Rock Music for The Moon and the Fire Circle which hit stores on February 19, 2008. )


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