Some Press in 2010


Some Press in 2010

Shauna Burns on Pandora
Shauna Burns in CD Baby Newsletter
~ ‘As goofy as it might sound, SB sounds like the music you’d hear in the introspective scenes of that movie The Craft. The Las Vegas local’s sophisticated piano lines and the accompanying string sections have that mystical quality that implies darkness, but in a perfectly executed way — sort of like the vocalist from Evanescence, but without the screaming guy and directed at an older audience.’ (Oct. 18, Hard Rock Cafe) – Max Plenke, Las Vegas CityLife

*Nope Max, not goofy at all! lol ~ gotta love this. 🙂

~ Hope Ignited feature on the ‘Inspiration and Gratitude Found’ posting/blog.

~ J. Lee’s New Music Review featuring ‘Tumbleweed’ Live, The Moon the Fire Circle, Anamnesis, ‘A Letter’ and ‘Rehearsal’.

~ Listen to Paulie Podcaster’s DigiVegas Feature of ‘So Tell Me…’ with special intro by Shauna. (#159) 2/12/10

~ Listen to the interview with Lisa McKenna from Coffee After Dark/Error FM. (Listen to the show on the Star Chart Radio at the link on the left hand side of the site.)

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