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“She works magic by pouring every ounce of available commitment into filling the lines with emotional weight and emphasizes the intensely human qualities of longing that define this song. It isn’t your typical interpretation of this sort of material because it so clearly relies on the power of her personality to carry the tune over the top rather than merely hitting her marks and discharging a perfunctory of the classic. Much like her original compositions and past work, Shauna Burns proves quite talented at communicating her personality through her music in this song and it makes for invigorating listening… Shauna Burns has turned “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” into a resounding triumph from her new album and we can only assume that the other tracks included on A Winter Gathering match the unadulterated artistry on display with this performance.”

Thank you so much for the kind review of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” from Skope Magazine! You can read the entire review HERE. 🙂 Remember you can get “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” right here in the Music Section on A Winter Gathering. 🙂

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