Every Thought Reviews


Every Thought Reviews

Every Thought was selected as one of the Top CD’s of 2005 by Collected Sounds!

… The instrumental passages really demonstrate what a lovely instrument the piano is. This album is a stellar debut for the gifted Burns.‘ – Anna Maria Stjarnell, Collected Sounds

There is no doubt that Every Thought contains a dynamic energy in its complex blend of sounds and striking lyrics. Shauna has a unique style of singing, and combined with her virtuoso piano instrumentals, she has put together an album that is moving and intense.‘ – Musical Discoveries

Her acoustic piano-driven music is very stream of consciousness, emotive and moving. Its power calls for your willingness to suspend thought, to free-float on this stream of thick beautiful sound and let it take you as it wills. Even when the lyrical intention is clear, Burns deliberately chooses to phrase the words in such a way as to strip them of conventional meaning, challenging you again to let go, to follow her down a mad rabbit trail of melodic sound, free-falling into your own mind. Wild, I know, but fresh, fearless and free.‘ – Kevan Breitinger, Indie-Music.com

Beautiful cascading piano keys drip on the opener and then Shaunas ethereal vocals come forth like a brimming cup of coffee. …Shauna Burns allows her singing voice do the talking as she whisks us away with wispy and insightful lyrics. Pouring the emotions out on the table she casts a magical net… for a new fangled fusion that will ignite a spark that will be hard to replicate. Perfect.‘ – Smother.net

‘Every Thought’ is a gorgeous album and I shout-out with praise in recommending it. I truly look forward to following Shauna Burnss career.‘ – Lynda Dale MacLean, The Celebrity Cafe

stunning debut album‘ – Lynda Dale MacLean, Platterpicks

[A] brilliant debut: delicate, lush instrumentals combined with haunting and emotional lyrics. Shauna Burns’ songs are the kind that can stand alone without the vocals, or you could just read the lyrics as great poetry — but put the two together and you have high-Ecto. Get this CD if you want to have your soul touched.‘ – Give CDs.com ~ Female Vocalists

…with spectacular piano arrangements and clear and melodic vocals. Her voice shows great diversity throughout the album at times breathy and wistful, at others strong and emotive. Her melodies are mesmerizing and hauntingly memorable and, after just one listen, youll find them playing themselves over and over in your head.‘ – Kristin Dreyer Kramer, Nights and Weekends.com

There are a small number of artists who are able to convey pure emotion and inspire through an intense passion that emanates from his or her voice, Shauna is one of those artists. She draws you in, embraces you, and makes you feel as if you are apart of the journey of which her songs create.‘ – Emma, Fanbolt.com

As soon as Ghosts and Vampires began, I thought, Shauna Burns is the missing link between Loreena McKennitt and Tori Amos. Sparkling piano and a slight Celtic cast underlie lyrics like please dont buy me that foo foo dress and find your savior in a cereal box in a lane at a supermarket. One of the more powerful girl-with-piano submissions weve gotten; each song is like a little monologue by a short-story character.‘ – Meredith, 75 or Less

‘This is singer/songwriter/anthropologist Shauna Burns debut album and it seems to be making quite a scene. …Burns has a great voice and the fact that this is almost entirely piano and voice really highlights this strength.’ – Mark Fisher, Coffee House Tour

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