Desert Tune Reviews


Desert Tune Reviews

Cowboy Song‘ was chosen as one of WCH Radio’s Top 30 Songs For 2007!

The music is mystical and ethereal-I found it very enchanting. Shauna’s vocals are the key element that completes the circle for each track. Burns sings about squirrels dancing around in your head, fairytales, ghosts, and Celtic castles. Whatever she is singing about, it always seems to fit the music just perfectly, and the timing lyrically is impeccable- supported by spotless musicianship.‘ – Keith ‘MuzikMan’ Hannaleck

Beautiful intricate piano with soft breathy vocals floating over the top that combine to create this haunting quality.‘ – Amy, Collected Sounds

Shauna Burns’ sophomore release is one of those albums that will stand the test of time. Her vocal range coupled with her musical abilities is showcased throughout each song. Burns’ piano playing really stands out and make this release shine.‘ – Go Girl Music

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