Singer-Songwriter-Pianist Shauna Burns released her new single “Scarborough Fair” on October 6, 2017 through Red Rock Music. Shauna Burns rejuvenates “Scarborough Fair” with her own Celtic spin to this English traditional ballad. Singing the female’s reply to the male’s request to prove true love, Shauna brings her own perspective to this classic tale. Her intricate yet, delicate piano melodies whisk through the entire piece. Shauna’s crystalline and haunting vocal performance is laced between engaging threads and a Celtic harp that broaden the dreamy effect of the song.

Shauna Burns is a seasoned singer-songwriter based in the mountains just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Shauna blends ethereal vocals and sweeping piano that runs throughout her music and has allured audiences across the United States with her Celtic infused style. She recently celebrated the 10 Year Anniversary of her debut album Every Thought in 2015, commemorating the music that weaves and accentuates empowering themes.

Burns had developed her captivating vocal and playing style while growing up in Miami, Florida where she was inspired by her mother’s love for the piano and groundbreaking pop/rock artists like Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at the University of Utah, she spent a year in Europe preparing her first album. Burns’ music has long been inspired by many cultures and ideas that surround the world as well as the landscape of the deserts and mountains of the Western U.S. Drawing metaphorically upon her passion for Anthropology, she sees every phase of her career as a new opportunity to dig into herself to uncover the next musical adventure.

Burns’ profound lyrics and sweeping piano solos have been built on her reputation in the Celtic music world. “It’s heartwarming to receive messages from people who discover and connect with the music and it’s humbling to know that what was created in solitude has the ability to touch people emotionally,” Shauna says. “I use Anthropology as a songwriting tool all the time. It’s the study of human development and cultural identity and relationships between people. I feel the need to cultivate and nurture these little seeds of inspiration because they can grow into big ideas if we take care. It makes me question: What’s next for all of us in the world? What is the universe trying to tell us? I’m listening.”

Shauna Burns’ 2005 debut album, Every Thought, unlocked the door to an exhilarating career as one of the most promising multi-talents on today’s indie music scene. In 2006, Shauna released her follow-up EP Desert Tune which continued to grow and evolve her musicianship and performance talents. Her spiritually driven journey blossomed on her breakthrough 2008 recording, The Moon and The Fire Circle, and continued on to her 2009 EP, Anamnesis.

The Moon and the Fire Circle, a richly thematic and ultimately healing work that offered an emotional bridge between darkness and light, met with similar success. Its first single “Around You” reached #7 on the FMQB AC Chart, was one of WCH Radio’s “Top Songs for 2008” and hit #1 on “Song Vault Radio.” The collection was selected “Best of 2008” by Collected Sounds and The Promise Live. Radio Crystal Blue also chose Burns as one of the “Top Recording Artists of the Year 2008.” Conceived as an extension of the music on The Moon and the Fire Circle, Burns’ follow-up five track EP Anamnesis included songs that relate in some way to each of the five senses (including “Smell”).

Over the years, Burns has enchanted audiences across the U.S. and in the U.K. with her inspirational songs and Celtic piano driven sound. 2011 brought the holiday release, A Winter Gathering, which is a collection of newfangled, holiday carols and original songs.

The year 2013 saw Burns express fresh ideas through her symphonic storytelling. Her full-length album, Violet, showcased her flourishing and thriving songs that focused on female love-inspired freedom. Continuing with her Celtic flair, the album created positive messages of understanding, and revealed that women are capable of being a heroine and uplifting those around them.

In celebration of Shauna Burns’ 10 Year Anniversary of her debut album, Every Thought, Shauna released three rousing singles in 2015. Shauna’s soothing voice glides across her signature sweeping keyboard style and a driving drum rhythm in her first 2015 single, “Hazel.” The second single, “Gray Moon” is a soothing song where she sings of change and the goodness that comes with it. The lyrics are paired with beautifully orchestrated piano solos bringing it all together for a minimal, dramatic effect that highlights Burns’ recognizable vocals and inspirational lyrics. “From Flying,” Shauna’s third single in 2015, was inspired by taking risks and following dreams. “‘From Flying’ seems like it covers a lot of space and time to me. The song is about jumping off the cliff of possibility even when it seems like it’s impossible. Going for your dreams against the odds.”

“I view these performances as if I’m holding a conversation with the audience,” Burns says. “I’m communicating with whoever chooses to listen in that moment, and I like to visualize my music embracing whoever wants to embrace it. Just as it’s a friend to them, music is my friend as well. There’s also a time travel element to the experience as well. A lot of people say my songs remind them of things they haven’t thought about in years. They help them recall the innocence of childhood that they had forgotten about. That’s what music does for me, too. I have a huge respect for the power of music and just how spiritual it can be. That’s why I take it so seriously.”




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