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“She’s confident in the material and her ability to sell it to listeners and this is an assurance born out of belief in her own musical vision and over a decade’s worth of experience writing and recording albums. Shauna Burns has maintained a consistently high level of quality from her first release in 2005 and, in recent years, has seemingly grown even more powerful as a singer and songwriter as she refines her vision in the second half of her career and deepens as a person. We hear that growth process ongoing in “Scarborough Fair” and there’s little reason to wonder, while listening, why she’s one of the most respected artists working in the indie scene today. She works by her own rules, follows her Muse wherever she might lead, and those intelligent enough to follow along are duly rewarded.”

Thank you so much to Lance Wright at Band Blurb for the beautiful and gracious review of “Scarborough Fair”! Very thoughtful! You can read the entire review HERE. 🙂 And you can grab “Scarborough Fair” here in the Music Section. 🙂

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