All What’s Rock “Hazel” Review


Thank you to Lydia Hillenburg at All What’s Rock at for the sweet review of “Hazel” ~ very nice! You can read right here! 🙂 🙂 🙂

“There is an appealing childlike sensitivity behind the song, but its defining quality is the same ethereal elegance characterizing all of Burns’ music. The song’s graceful drift, however, has strong pop sensibilities. Its languid tempo elongates otherwise brief melodic movements and further strengthens the song’s dream-like atmosphere. Instrumentation enhances that as well. The strings included on the track are never overt, but once you recognize them in the mix, you’ll realize how you’ve been hearing them all along… This is a work of great humanity and sensitivity. “Hazel” is a living, breathing song from a talented singer and composer.”


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