Every Thought


Ghosts & Vampires

6 months pass by
and i ran past the tree
in the field where the
ghosts and goblins ate us all up
my mind is playing tricks on me
i have no feelings in my knees
is that oak tree staring at
night falls on my town
stars become the light
i know you can’t feel what i feel
you don’t want to believe the truth
how many times do i have to tell you that
ghosts are real and vampires
can come for you, like you
my mind is playing


1. Ghosts & Vampires
Shauna Burns  

Castle in My Cloud

sunny days and sunny nights
cloudy endings to happy dreams
make days seem so right
the castle in my cloud
glistens in my eye
changing the way i look at them
flowers dance on the wind that
runs through
faeries catch the tears that fall
but only for so long
left under the bed
in silent tune
and the pail face girl
has something to say they all shout
not very important
if they left her here
these are her thoughts, her own
all she has is herself and herself


2. Castle In My Cloud
Shauna Burns  

Pink Girl

dancing mortisha, dancing away
with her witch haired thought
i love how you know the real me
please don’t stop dancing
pink girl has a thought
what a concept
please don’t buy me that foo foo dress
please don’t buy my that frilly
shopping done, thank you
now take me home in your subaru
now, now, now don’t fight me
wait i think i am going to stand out
pink girl knows you know
she’s got a lot on her mind, i know
and pink girl knows
she’s had a lot to lose
and now she’ s lost and i said so
‘how about that’
and i said, ‘how about her?’
and he said, ‘how about the little
boys she’s left behind?’
in your mind, in your mind…
don’t i know she’s had a lot
and don’t expect her not to love you
have a nice day today
oh well, just swell
please don’t buy me that frilly dress


3. Pink Girl
Shauna Burns  


tulips and daises and tiger lily spots
can’t get them off your face
your pretty little face
along with petunia left out in the cold
when the snow falls i can’t help but
breathe a little deeper
a little bit shallower
a little bit louder
when the snow falls
it covers up my bed of roses
good night my little ones
bonne nuit mes enfants et mes amies
stuck in the snow ho ho ho
stuck my nose in the snow
leave your gifts at the door
perhaps a biscuit for you
sometimes i’d rather have some
tea for two


4. Petunia
Shauna Burns  


little girls have nothing to hide, right?
she’ll always be on the top and
summers end and your home, you know
but just for a very short while
and i’ll never forget the time you told us that
you’d be see’n us sometime, sometimes and
martha she’s got nothing on me
well at least i’d like to think
that she can take us along
little brick house on rose avenue
plant some shrubberys and pretty pink lilacs
but don’t tear out the old ones
because they don’t want to die
mom called today to tell me the great news
so can i still stay a while more?
and they said and we said and
he said, she said and who said?


5. Toes
Shauna Burns  


run run run as fast as you can
you’ve gotta catch up with nothing
because you think she really cares
for all your muss…
from up here the view is pretty good
i can see you running in circles
so why can’t you run to me
why can’t you run to me
so who really cares about one night
she hardly remembered your name, at first
is it worth losing the best thing
that your daddy said you caught
for five bucks, that’s a crib rip
to see her pick her brain
look at me, look at me, i can play better
than she ever thought she could
i was right here in your face all this time
giving my soul to the little hammers
sometimes i think they are the only
that they are the only ones who care
find your savior in a cereal box
in a lane at a supermarket
pick up yourself and your old jeans
the ones with the whole in the pocket


6. Rehearsal
Shauna Burns  


clouds move in and out of my head
thoughts, knots in my hair
i can’t undo them, i said i tried
but you sir lied
promises don’t mean a thing
when they’re coming out of her
then faeries hide their faces
and a small candle is lit
he or she, he or she will see it up there
sugar in my veins
nonsense suddenly does make sense
take, take, take, don’t give her a thing
except sugar in my veins
green leaves on your pretty tree
turing brown, brown, brown
falling down, down, down
i can’t put them back on
for he, for he sighed
you obviously didn’t know
what that thing did to me
fishing for gold pieces in me
this is the place, this is my place
to see in there, in theirs


7. Nonsense
Shauna Burns  

Pattie Cakes

skip on a dime, bet you a dime
that everything changes this week
don’t be surprised i’ve known
all along, all along, all along
that she’s thinking, thinking of
hand me a plate of those
wonderful pattie cakes
all full of that stuff
when we can’t handle this right now
oh, let’s pretend, oh, let’s pretend
that you feel the same way i do
so hurry in
and don’t forget to say i could
i could disappear if you wanted me to


8. Pattie Cakes
Shauna Burns  


in the dark it’s blue to me
only can see those keys
like you might just say hello, hello
like the poor little violets
no more room for them
they had to find a new home
and who hide in italy
i won’t turn my back
like you turned on me
when i started my trip
i made it very clear that
pillow fights and dance recitals
can’t take my place
came to albuquerque
it was very, very dark indeed
but through the night i saw her
haunting every thought
ny, she’s just seconds away i said
from the biggest thing she’s ever seen
and that present from mr. france
ain’t nothing to me
and i find it so fascinating
that you don’t care
i find it so fascinating
that you just don’t mind
when he says those
little things about me
like you, like you, like you, hey
like you, like you might just say


9. Hello
Shauna Burns  


when i get to the graveyard
i know i’ll get there someday
i want to haunt all my spooks away
get out of my way
you honestly have no idea
and who says, who says
beggars can’t be choosers
in heaven
fly, fly away little angel girl
just can’t wait to fly out of your life
get out of my way
and he’s waiting oh yes
and he’s jumping oh yes
and he’s coming oh yes
and this is manipulative
again, again
trust that something about yourself
trust that little girl, trust for better
you honestly had no idea
and who says, who says
beggars can’t be choosers
in heaven


10. Heaven
Shauna Burns  

Camelot's Waiting

it’s all in my body crawling all over
it’s got to come out
remember our favorite tune
and the past she’s gone
but she’ll remember
paisleys don’t get much prettier
than this, hey i’ve got to run
camelot is waiting just past thistle glen
so you’ve made up your mind so you
have to hide behind your other self?
well where do they come from
oh yes, in small minds
and horses can tell when it’s raining
so you think she’s a fool
for chasing the rabbits dreams
well you’ll love this one
i’ve already packed my bags
i’m waiting here
i’m half way there
i’m already there
i can see in the distance its pointy tops
do i really want what i asked for?


11. Camelot's Waiting
Shauna Burns  


hey over there with that big black skirt
she ran over that
i see, i see the sea in my mind
well i don’t mind
‘so tip back’, she said, i said
‘i know tip back’, in my ear
so it’s kind of like your jealous
and secretly wanting to touch
everything around you
can the faerie king grant his majesty
favoring me
i’m here, i’m here, i’m painting
every breath through my trees
are my feet on the ground
is that your face? well i may
the temperature just dropped
and now i’ve stopped
here, i said, here and now she’s gone
i know i said i’d be there
when you got home but all a sudden
i run, i’m running, i will catch up
to forever, i will


12. Maryland
Shauna Burns  

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