Desert Tune


Gotta Get Ahead

Gotta get ahead gotta get my head on
Gotta get ahead gotta keep it on straight
Gotta get ahead gotta get my head on
Gotta get it gotta get it
Squirrels squirrel around squirrel around in my tiny brain
Birds chirp chirp if they see the rain
Can’t find what you lost last night?
Just follow the bees they’ll take you back to that fight
Squirrels dance around in their little parade
With their itsy bitsy fire baton’s
Man I wish I were somewhere else
Hey I hear the desert call my name…
Gotta get ahead, gotta get my sword up
High above the trees so they all can see
Gotta get ahead can’t you see the castle
High now I’m so high I could fly


1. Gotta Get Ahead
Shauna Burns  

Cowboy Song

Gather round all my friends
Feast your eyes upon this delicacy
Who said I couldn’t change my mind
You change yours I said all the time
A flipity flop and a bipity bop
It’s like I’m standing on myself
Hey she’s got her boots and a cowboy hat
A horse named Sally and a ride named Gus
Cattle guard I said cattle guard your soul
What’s fair?  Hey that’s not fair who really cares?


2. Cowboy Song
Shauna Burns  

I’m Dirty

When I woke up this morning
All I could see
Was piles and piles of laundry
Paris was such a bad scene that’s all I can say
But I was long gone when I found out I was dirty
Sandman he’s such a freak
Some say he’s a little psycho but
He’ll rip off your head if you make fun of…
Paris I found it
Back again to the
Back room to the
Back of that bus


3. I'm Dirty
Shauna Burns  


Fusia isn’t my color
But then again maybe baby it’s yours
Lose me lose me in the Celtic Sea
Waterford isn’t that far away
We can set sail tonight
Living here with myself living here with them
Hasn’t cracked the crack of the stone circle
Would you catch me if I jumped?
Irish jigs and Mrs. Weeloch’s wigs
Faerietales and that mermaid bailed
Castle ghosts and a King’s toast
Wars with boars and all those whores
Lies and lust and a love lost
Ale for all and Gaelic’s fall


4. Waterford
Shauna Burns  


One heaven passes me by from where I stand
I just lied
Can the Savior save her?
They just sing her the same tune
Once the water froze in her veins
Footprints showed where I stood
I love the stories they tell us when we were naive
About the one small boy and his dog
And don’t forget the one about the flying boy
Can the Savior save her?
He just sings her the same tune
One heaven passes me by from where I stand
I just told her the truth
And the poor and the rich man
Held hands on December’s shadow


5. December
Shauna Burns  

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