Sleeping Bag Studios Review


“Through the gentle, crystalline & Celtic sound of her approach to “Scarborough Fair,” in many ways would probably take it back closer to the roots of its original sound, but through stunning production and her own expressive performance, she gives this cover the merit it needs to succeed out there today….

I really think it’s a stunning cover…the technique and beauty that Shauna plays piano with highlights the organic connection she has with her instrument…

She takes a really artistic approach with the way she sings “Scarborough Fair” and I definitely think it puts the ultimate cherry right on top of this tune; she’s not only nailed it on a technical-level, but she’s really added tremendous character and depth through her vocal-style, adding so much into this experience it’s audibly undeniable.  The slight Celtic twist into the sound is brilliantly threaded into her performance and into the melody…again, I think she’s done a truly exceptional job of taking this song into a truly captivating place…my ears wanted to absorb this as fully as they could.”

A big Thank You to Sleeping Bag Studios for the beautiful review of “Scarborough Fair”!  What a thoughtful review! You can read the whole review HERE. 🙂 Remember you can grab the new single in the Music Section 🙂

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