Scarborough Fair ~ Oct 6th!


Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to announce new music is coming your way, the new single “Scarborough Fair” will be released October 6th! This is a take on the old English traditional song but with a little Celtic twist, of course! Last year I wanted to make a big music project but as things got going this song started showing up all over the place for me.  I have been spending a lot of time in green lush places lately and I started to imagine the woman in this song walking through the landscape. I decided that I was going to sing just “her” part instead of the popular versions. So James and I recorded “Scarborough Fair”with our new friend Dee Kei and Caroline played her amazing harp as well. And I can’t forget Peggy who captured the beautiful images.

I’ll have more to say soon and we’ll be dusting off all the social media pages too. Getting back into the musical groove! I’ve missed you guys!



ps ~ The site will be going through some updates so please check back soon!  🙂


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